Virtual Villagers 4 Tree of Life Game

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Virtual Villagers 4 Tree of Life
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How can this OFFER be 100% FREE?

This is advertising-based business model that means revenue is generated entirely from advertising. So essentially, it's sponsors who make it possible for you to download and play full-version games for FREE and for as long and often as you like.


Is this download Safe and without any Virus or Spyware?

Yes, all games are safe to download and play and service is virus and spyware free. All downloads use TRUSTe certified installer, EXEtender Player. TRUSTe partners with major online consumer portals and other industry leaders in order to develop safe download standards and certify downloadable consumer desktop applications.

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Review from Customers

This is a great way to get free, full-length games legitimately!

I recently found a website that allows you to download complete games with no time limit. In most places all you can find for free (legitimately) are trials that either limit the features of the game or have a time limit to how long you can play. has neither, allowing you full access to games of your choice however often and for however long you want.


This company has its drawbacks, however. The reason they can provide these games for free is because of their advertisements. They display ads from their sponsors before, during, and after each game session; they get all of their revenue from the ads, which allows them to provide the games 100% free.


Despite the nuissance of the ads, this is a great way to get free, full-length games legitimately. They have a wide selection of popular PC games, including Virtual Villagers (1, 2, and 3), Mahjongg Artifacts, Diner Dash (5 different titles), and many many more. If you can look past the advertisements, is quite a vision.



This site is great!

Free Ride is great, when it works. Full version games play with adds in a side bar column. The ads are actually interesting, well designed, and even gave me a few chuckles.


Game selections are some of my favorites like Beach Party Huru, Diner Dash series, Cake Mania series, Virtual Villagers and more.


Unlike other vendors promising a free game, your not downloading a virus. Very reputable service.


HOWEVER - the games can not connect back to server more than 50% of the time.


When it works, it's awesome... but when it doesn't your out of luck because they only accept emails from companies looking to advertise and don't seem to care about tech issues with the service.